Thursday, March 5, 2015

Irish Terrariums

irish village succulent terrarium for st. patricks day decor or leprechaun trap

You might have noticed I'm a little obsessed with live plant terrariums and holiday centerpiece terrarium/glass cloches.  You can see my spring floral terrarium how to that I did last year, and I still remember it lasting quite a few weeks.  Since St. Patricks day is around the corner, I am sharing an Irish terrarium, using succulents and clay to create an Irish village.  My kids have declared that this is the best leprechaun trap and we are for sure going to catch him this year because leprechauns are really the size of fairies and they are going to be so fooled!  HA!  I'll take it.  This is a really fun project to make with kids.  My kids did all the clay work and it makes it look woodland and whimsical.

For supplies gather:

soil, tiny rocks, moss and sand--most you can get at a craft store.
glass container
oven-baked polymer clay

To begin-- I layered the glass starting with the sand then tiny rock pebbles, then soil.  Then you add the succulents.  Cover your layers with moss.  Add tiny rocks for variation on the moss.

Follow the directions for the oven-baked polymer clay.  We used a knife and toothpick to create little mushroom tops and fairy-like houses.  Really didn't do much detail on the houses...just made them tiny to fit in the jar.  My kids did most the work, so this is a fun project for children to do and keep them busy!

After you cook the clay pieces, add to the terrarium and your village is set to fool the leprechauns!  My kids now want to add a little ladder and a pot of gold.

irish terrarium for st. patricks day decoration or leprechaun trap

Irish village terrarium for St. Patricks day decoration or leprechaun trip

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Healthy Swaps for White Pasta

I'm sucker for carbs.  Huge.  There's got to be a little Italian blood somewhere in me because pasta and breads are my weakness.  I rate carbs above sweets.  Unfortunately, I don't have the body of twig, so I basically have to watch what I eat and white wheat has to be eliminated from my diet or they end up on my handles.  Of course that doesn't mean I can't enjoy pasta dishes.  I just have to make healthy swaps. So, I am over at How Does She today sharing my favorite pasta alternatives.  I also included my three go-to basic pasta sauces that uses fresh ingredients.  They are so yummy and I make big batches and put it on roasted veggies and meat.  Check it out.

Before + After: White Sofa

reupholstered white sofa with colorful pillows and shag rug

You might have seen glimpses of my white sofa on my IG or previous posts.  I bought this sofa at the Minks to Sinks flea market in Connecticut.  It then sat in my garage for over a year in a half while we moved from Connecticut to Georgia and then rented small house while we settled down in Georgia.  I swear my husband was going to take a blow torch to it.  It's fairly huge and took up a large space in our tiny garage.  But I saw its potential and really liked the "modern meets vintage" shape of the sofa and wanted to hold on to it.  Also I bought it for a screaming deal.    

I love a story behind an old furniture piece.  I found out that it came from the home of an interior designer who had three the sofa got a lot of love.  There was brass nails along the back side of the sofa and bottom.

Here is the AFTER of the sofa.  I had it professionally upholstered so the cushions could be re-stuffed and not so slouchy.  I reupholstered it in a Calico Corners high performance cream-colored fabric. 

caitlin wilson and britt bass pillows on white sofa

reupholstered white sofa with colorful pillows and jewelry case

colorful pillows on white sofa in office setting modern meets vintage sofa shape

Fabric: Calico Corners Crypton Creme Brûlée   || Rug: Rugs USA || Pillows: BrittBass, Caitlin Wilson Textiles, Lillian August

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Video Game Birthday Party

video game, birthday party, minecraft party, vintage video game
video game, birthday party, minecraft birthday cake, vintage birthday

For my son's 6th birthday, he wanted to make it a Minecraft theme but to keep it more generalized I convinced him to have a video game birthday party and used the Minecraft colors.  We had such a great time at his party and most of the neighbor boys came over after they saw the video game truck parked in front of our house.  I think boy's birthday parties are so fun to plan, and they get so excited from all the decorations and goodies!  After setting up, the party was pretty low key, and I was able to sit back and relax because the kids just played videos in the game truck the entire time and then would come inside to refuel with food and drinks, but then headed right back out to continue to play.  Resources are listed below:

video game birthday party, wii controller cookies, space invader, video controller party favors

video game controller cupcakes, boys birthday party, video game birthday
video game birthday party, boys birthday party, vintage video game party

minecraft birthday cake, video game controller cake, xbox birthday party

wii controller cookies, video game birthday party, vintage video game birthday

Video Game Birthday Resources:

Printables: LuLu Cole
Fondant cake and cupcake toppings: Cherry Bay Cakes
Wii Sugar Cookies: RPConfections
Vintage Artari Joystick: Amazon
Vintage Space Invader candy tins: Amazon
Banner and Table Backboard: Cricut Explorer
Party Decorations: The Flair Exchange
Video Game Truck: Game Truck

Mini Jewelry Photoshoot

Here are a few pictures from the recent mini jewelry photoshoot that Dana Tolbert Photography showing off a few pieces that are on the site.  The love necklace has been in the shop for a while and I just added the "mrs" necklace.  A perfect present for a new bride.  Mini letter studs are just adorable and perfect for anyone.  Tassel pieces will be strong this summer.  I am also having fun working with leather and coming up with some new pieces I hope to add before summer.  Head over to see new pieces.


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