Sunday, August 19, 2007

A Day in My Life--8/17/07

My friend Natalie's cousin-in-law Tiburon had an idea to document a day in your life. I took up the challenge, but it was a lot harder than I thought. Taking pictures of every activity that I perform in the day is a LOT. But I did manage to take a few pictures of the activities that we don't always do everyday. So, I didn't document the usually things like getting up, eating, getting dressed, diaper changes, playing, checking email/blogs, making dinner, etc. Unfortunately, the day to document was a very uneventful day--a day I had to "work" and clean. So, I'll have to do this challenge again with a little more effort.

Oh, I didn't upgrade to the premium package, so here's my captions for each photo:

1st photo: First off in the morning--headed to the gym and took a weight's class
2nd photo: After the gym, we stopped by the post office to mail off jewelry orders
3rd photo: Cleaned the bathrooms and tiolets with Stella's little help
4th photo: Two loads of laundry today
5th photo: Preschool work before Stella heads off to naptime
6th photo: Cut some flowers before they all die off
7th photo: Naptime! My time to work--ordered jewelry supplies and worked on compassionate service church calling. Lots of phone calls.
8th photo: Kids are up from nap--time to vacuum the entire house
9th photo: Bedtime! House is cleaned, now it's back to work completing jewelry orders


Jan said...

This was fun! It's nice to see that others do the same day-to-day stuff that I do -- cleaning toilets was today for me!

Spencer and Marleen said...

It's nice to know other people have lame days like me.

Chris * Natalie * Maya * Mason said...

very fun! you were productive! unlike myself. i need to take a lesson from you.

Sarah said...

What a clever idea! I like to imagine you going through your day and even though it maybe 'typical' for you I find it fun to read!

Kristi said...

Awesome--you are one busy girl...I love seeing what you're up to, Darleen!


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