Wednesday, April 29, 2009


That's right. I've taken up Zumba a.k.a salsa dancing. And I love it. There's something about dancing your heart out while sweating but feeling sexy. And not caring that you look like a complete fool while trying to get the latin moves down (I'm still a beginner). Anyway, the number of times I've taken it I always think of Jennifer Beals in Flashdance. You know that first scene where she is dancing like crazy. That's awesome.


Shay said...

You go girl!


Are you taking an actual class??

Darleen said...

Yup. At my gym they offer zumba. the instructor is a latin dancer. she is older but she's got moves!

Rachel H said...

AUUUGHH!! Did you know that is what I started back in Jan to get back into shape? I am obsessed, and I have lost 8 lbs doing it!! I am actaully thinking about becoming an instuctor...for no other purpose than the hope that I will actaully start working out for the LONG term (I tend to be kinda flakey with working out)! It's just the funnest dancey(is that a word?) way to get fit! Yay for you!


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