Friday, August 5, 2011

House Tour: Katie's Stylish Abode

Everytime I go to my friend Katie's house I always peek into each room and take mental notes of the placement of each furniture piece, artwork on the wall and personal treasure that make it a home.  The stylish elements are right up my alley and I love everything she did to the house.  I was so happy when she agreed to let me photograph her home.  It's too cute not to share!  

How great is this funky navy blue/grey sofa?  It's the main accent piece in the living room.  But she keeps the room calm and peaceful with neutral arm chairs and chaise lounge.  Some of the other things I like are her Madeline Weinrib rugs.  And if you notice in the pictures many of her rooms have Madeline Weinrib rugs.  I also like how she added a little part of her kids to the living space. 

The dining room is tucked behind a window-pane door.  How great is that chandelier and pink rug!

The Bloom highchair goes perfect with the white kitchen.

One of my favorite rooms--the playroom!  The wallpaper is the best!

Next week I'll post pictures of her upstairs.

To see more house tours click here.


Stacey Ord said...

White bowl on kitchen island. The one holding fruit, I think? Big holes. Please divulge the source! The entire house is amazing - but I can't get over that quirky fun bowl - must have. Thanks!

Ashley said...

Everything looks so chic! I especially love the gray backless sofa!

The Arbuckle's said...

I love peeking into other people's homes and seeing how they decorate. LOVE this house and its style. Katie did an amazing job.

whose house is next?

Darleen said...

Stacy--The white bowl is from the store WAVE in New Canaan, CT.
There's been questions about the elephant head and that's from Anthropologie.

Jamie said...

Hi, just checking out your blog from 6th Street Design-- do you know the source for the playroom wallpaper? Thanks!


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