Wednesday, November 14, 2012


It is with great excitement and serious relief that I present my new and improved website!  This project has been underway since February and the projection was to launch in May, but with the sudden move across country, selling a house and end of year stuff...well you get the point.  So we have finally finished it!  It continues to be a work in progress.  I still have about 80 products that I still need to load, along with many new items!  Please let me know if you love an item that is not on the website so I can prioritize it. 

I seriously own a ton of thanks and many kisses to my husband who has pretty much slaved over this website, putting in many hours and countless nights doing all the website coding and pretty much putting this entire thing together.  It is a project he is so glad that is over!

So in honor of the relaunch of Darleen Meier Jewelry--sign up on our mailing list to receive 25% off your first purchase and like us on Facebook to receive another additional 10% off your first purchase!  This offer is for a limited time, so get on it and spread the love!  

And one last thank you shout outs--to my fashion photographer Ellie Asher Photography for the model pictures, model Ella Bezzant and Erin Bunderson Photography for some of the product pictures.  Thank you for your contributions!

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Kevin Collins said...

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