Thursday, December 6, 2012

O Christmas Tree

Cutting down our Christmas tree is a tradition we like to do that helps launch us into the Christmas season.  Despite the fact that we are in a warmer climate and there aren't many mountains around (okay Georgia mountains are like hills to me), we found a tiny Christmas tree farm only 30 miles north from us.  We got all bundled up with hats, gloves, coats and boots and headed with our saw to the farm.  We went a little extreme but's fun to make the adventure more exciting than it really is.  One thing we learned while at the farm is that the traditional Frazier fir tree that you'd buy from a grocery store doesn't grow well in warmer weather, so the farm only sold Cypress trees which have a smoothier branch and no poky pine needles. 



Janie said...

It's a fun tradition, and one our family also enjoyed for many years.

Marleen said...

Looks so fun and festive. Love real Christmas trees.

Jinnifer richard said...

All of you enjoying merry Christmas. looking very funny


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