Friday, April 5, 2013

Transformer Birthday Party

I'm finally getting around to posting Jackson's transformer birthday party, which happened the end of last year!  But it's too cute not to post, even though I'm a few months behind.  This child of mine has quite the imagination and he can bring any little toy alive in his little mind.  He plays hard!  The current obsession is transformer.  He's so obsessed that now two of his little friends are obsessing over them too.  I'm not sure how their moms feel about that but, let's say his themed party was a huge hit.

For his invitation and all the party printables, I ended up reusing his Robot party printables and made changes so it would have a transformer theme.   Since his birthday is in the winter time, we ended up having his party at an indoor children's gym play center.  They had a party room for us so I could still decorate a candy/cake table and the party tables.  The lighting was horrible so pictures aren't the best.  One thing that they do at each birthday party, is have one of their guys dress up as a character and do a dance party for the kids.  So the kids were really excited to dance with an optimus prime character.  Resources for the party at the bottom:

 Party favors:

Party Resources
all party printables: me
birthday cake and cupcakes: Miss Mamie's (winner for Cupcake Wars!)
transformer lollipops: Candied Cakes
black and white stripes tablecloth: i made it from Ikea fabric
glass candy jars: Ikea
black and white chevron candy bags and cupcake liners: HeyYoYo
little transformer toys for party favors: TF Source


Janie said...

So cute! You throw a great party, every time. Your kids will always remember these great celebrations.

The Arbuckle's said...

I miss your parties and your kids. The whole party looked great, you do amazing work.

hailey ishida said...

Hi! Just wondering if you sell the printables used in this party? They are exactly what I am looking for!


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